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The Culture Code Review

I was introduced to The Culture Code author, Clotaire Rapaille in a very round about way. Back in 1995 another author, Douglas Rushkoff, wrote Media Virus: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture. Media Virus had one foot in the arena of conspiracy theory and the other in the [unintended] consequences of the product of media oligopolies. The book was at least fascinating enough to have me watch, some ten years later, a PBS Frontline Documentary called The Persuaders (2004) .

In The Persuaders, narrator Douglas Rushkoff had a lengthy interview with Clotaire Rapaille, a then, unknown to me, world leading psychoanalyst. Rapaille had made his fortune catering to the cultural research needs of the biggest companies in the world.

Roll ahead three more years and Rapaille released, The Culture Code. This book, in my opinion, lays the ground work for a very robust framework in understanding culture; an understanding that can be a powerful tool for a business in the pursuit of serving its clientele in the best possible way. This book isn’t about suggesting you shake hands and make good eye contact; its about learning to anticipate a cultures reactions within the market place. It’s a secret weapon to stay ahead of your competition … until now. Enjoy!