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The Doubter's Companion – A Dictionary of Aggressive Common Sense

If I could say there was a fun book to read in this list, one that you could read anywhere then John Ralston Saul’s The Doubter’s Companion is it. It’s written on a simple concept, 350 pages of critical jabs at the major structures in society. One of the best tools that this book will create is the capacity to be analytical and witty at the same time; often humor will grab peoples attention faster than logic and this book might just give you both. But don’t get me wrong, this is not a humor book.

Everything gets taken out back for a beating including the concepts of economics, faith, free, freedom, intelligence, Ronald McDonald, universities, even Carl von Clausewitz (from a previous book reading).
This book is a bible for the septic or at the very least, someone looking for a voice of sanity in a time when everyone is on his or hear soap box babbling their 21st Century mantra.